The Next Chapter in Our New Sardinian Life

An Ending and a New Beginning

Today we finished 4 weeks of Italian classes at the Gaia Institute. It has been grueling at times,  but mostly fun.  It seemed so hard at first, we wondered whether we would be able to finish.  I am so glad we did!  For at least one of us it was a major accomplishment.

This last week was a good one.  Our friend from Switzerland was back, after taking a week off and going to Olbia. He was as mysterious as ever about where he went and why. He says he “had things to do” in Olbia.  One time this week he said his brother had a pass for the ferry, and when our teacher later asked him about his brother,  he said he may or may not have a brother.  He has a terrible reluctance to talk about himself, which of course makes us want to know even more.

I myself imagine he went to visit his “brother” George Clooney  in Olbia (where George is filming this month), and he is sworn to secrecy!  Ed thinks he is an international assassin or spy. Thank goodness he likes us and is friendly!  He offered to use his car to help us move some of our stuff to our new place.  It is maybe a half a mile away carrying stuff on foot, so his offer is appealing.

Tuesday night we went out to Sergent Pepper’s Pizzeria because it was our friend from the Czech Republic’s last day here on the island.  She will return in September, so it won’t be the last we see of her. Only six of us went, because our teacher, Valeria, had a sick baby at home, and she was unable to go, and our Swiss friend had other places to go.

We had a great time. After the meal, Marcello, our present landlord, ordered  a nutella pizza, which “shockingly” really isn’t a pizza at all, but more like a warm flat bread with nutella spread on top.  I tried a slice and it was good.  Nutella originated here in Italy in the 1950s, and amazing as it sounds, I had never tried it before. (By the way, I know what you are thinking, and nutella is spelled with a lower case “n”.)  I also tried limoncello for the first time and liked that, too.

Then we got shots of mirto. That is an island specialty, as it is made from the berries and leaves of the mirto plant, a type of myrtle, that grows here on the island.  It has a strong alcohol content, but tastes so much better than straight alcohol.  It is sipped, the colder the better, as a digestivo or a way to finish off an evening meal so you can digest it better. Many people make their own mirto,  Valeria says she will make some and let us try hers when the plants are ready, probably September.

One day we were talking about how Italians don’t walk and hold hands.  In Italian, they call holding hands mano nella mano. Valeria said her grandmother went to Barcelona once, and was surprised  that the couples there were holding hands, and how she thought it was really sweet.

Then  a few days later we discussing how Italians always gesticulate with their hands.  Even Ed can’t speak if you hold his hands down. That’s when it occurred to me the reason they don’t walk hand-in-hand.  Of course!  They wouldn’t be able to talk to each other!!

So we all got a good laugh about it.

On Wednesday morning we all went to the market again. There is something really nice about walking around, sampling cheeses and buying fresh fruits and vegetables. We bought more pecorino cheese, but one not quite so sharp, along with lots of veggies and also some plants and sheets for our new apartment.

I have always enjoyed the days when we leave the classroom and walk around. Sometimes we have just walked around the streets and Valeria would quiz us on what is this, or what color is that.  Sometimes we went for caffe’ or like this week,  we went to the market.  It varied. But one thing was always the same: on Fridays we would watch a movie.

We saw some pretty good Italian movies, always with English subtitles.  I noticed a theme. The main character/s always got themselves into a situation that took them away from their normal routine, such as being transferred from Milan to Naples for work, or being left behind when  the tour bus that they were on with their family leaves while they are still in the bathroom. One thing I got from all the movies, the characters always go through some scary (and funny) stuff, but by the end of the film they have changed. The experience has made them different people altogether.  I can relate to this. Life and experiences change you, and I have seen it first hand.

Friday was always my favorite day of the week, not only because of the movies, but also because we could celebrate completing  another intense week of studies.

Our big move is tomorrow.  Tonight is our last night in our old apartment. Tomorrow is another beginning.  It is also the anniversary of when we first got together 39 years ago, so we have a big celebration planned, if we aren’t too tired to go out after the move. We will see.

That is mostly all I want to say for now, except I want to update a couple of things that I mentioned previously.

It finally rained on July 23rd, which was the first time since we got here on July 1st.  I was happy to see it.

About the trampoline with the bungy cords that I wanted to try sometime… well, I asked.  The nerve of the guy telling me I am “too big.” ha ha

So I guess that is one dream I have to forego. I don’t think I will magically get smaller!

And finally, there has been some activity around the house where the Italian president is going to be staying.  They are painting the front of the house and have put up scaffolding on one part. We have seen some official-looking people outside, like the Secret Service type in the U.S.  One day I think they were scrutinizing us when we walked by.  I will keep you posted on any presidential sightings.  I don’t know when he will be coming, only that it will be for a couple of weeks in August.

Please share my blog.  Also your feedback is always appreciated. You can post in the comments below.

Ciao for now!



10 thoughts on “The Next Chapter in Our New Sardinian Life”

  1. You guys saw “Benvenuti al Sud” ! I saw it at Widener on Italian Cinema Night a few years ago. Hope you laughed as hard as I did!

    1. Yes. That is it!
      In the first part he tries to pretend he is in a wheelchair so he can get another job. Then he ends up going to Napoli. He lies to his wife and his friends kidnap and scare her. It was so funny. In the end he has to tell her the truth, but she thinks he is seeing the woman with the “mustache.” Even his wife is a different person by the end of the film. Everybody is fine by the end, and their lives have changed. Loved it!!
      Did you see the other movie I mentioned, where the woman gets left behind when the tour bus stops and her family goes on without her, never mentioning she hasn’t returned to the bus. Her husband was a jerk. She ends up hitch hiking to Venice and falling in love. She comes back home briefly, but goes back to Venice to the man and the life she has fallen in love with. Pane e Tulipani
      Also a superb movie, but more of a love story than a comedy. Loved it!!

  2. Hi Vicky! Want you to know that I’m really appreciating your blog, even though I do get bits and pieces whenever I talk to Ed on the phone. Your writings puts it all together nicely. I’m am so enjoying every post (even though sometimes I have to read 2 at the same time…most of my days have been absolutely nuts ever since you left! As you probably know from Ed, the school is hitting one crisis after another!!)

    1. Thank you. I am glad you like it. Yeah, Ed and I do share a lot of the same stuff! It’s been like that for the last 39 years. We are having a blast. I hope you keep liking my blog. I know the school will be doing better soon, so hang in there.

  3. I’m really loving living your life with you, Vicky! The descriptions of your day-to-day experiences make me feel like I’m actually there – sharing and doing and enjoying every minute of every day. Thanks to your excellent writing skills, I can see the colorful cityscape, hear the chatter of the local citizens, smell the fresh produce, taste the area wines, and touch the beautiful patina of the ancient buildings. In other words, it’s heaven! Thank you!

    1. Thank you Rusty! I always enjoy reading your kind comments. You write pretty well yourself, and you take great pictures, and go really interesting places. Have you ever thought of doing a blog? Because, if you did, I would read it!

  4. I found it fascinating how they don’t hold hands there when walking. But of course💡, Italians are famous for talking with their hands!! 👋🏼😄👋🏼

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