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The president of Italy, Sergio Mattarella, has been in town for more than a week. Except for the extra security around the house, and reporters occasionally standing outside the house doing interviews, you would hardly even know it.  He made news the day he got here, and when he spent the day out on a boat. Then he went to Giuseppe Garibaldi’s tomb with Garibaldi’s great-grandson.  (We went to Garibaldi’s tomb last month.)  But other than that we haven’t seen a thing.

I thought the president might say something when the bridge collapsed in Genoa, as it was such a horrific disaster.  But if he did, we missed it.  The interior minister was all we saw on the news.  Of course, we have a president and a prime minister here (we are used to just a president in the U.S.), and the president of Italy is mainly ceremonial.

Oops! I just found out that he left early to be at the funeral service of the  people who lost their lives in the Genoa bridge accident. It was a national day of mourning  But he is coming back.  I hope we can get to see him.

The shipping company says our belongings should arrive in another month, September 18th to be specific.  It will be so good to be reunited with our things.  We came here with only the things we could fit into a couple of large suitcases, and we have only bought what is absolutely necessary to exist. Before we get all our stuff, I need to get the apartment organized, as this is only four rooms and I don’t know where everything will go. It will be tight.

They put in our air conditioning units (two of them) on August 13.  Now we can have it if we need it.  Hardly at all so far, but it’s there, and that is the important thing.  Also our landlady got our curtains hemmed, and put them up for us.  She is very nice and we like her a lot.

August 15th, Ferragosto, is a day of celebration of the assumption of the Blessed Mother, a Catholic holy day that is a celebrated all over Italy.  This is a big deal. The night before, however, we went to the piazza and celebrated.  This was the biggest celebration we have seen in this town since the Feast of St. Mary Magdalene in July. But this was a party and the other was more religious, where they had a mass at the church and procession to the sea.

People bought pouches of colored florescent powder to sprinkle around, and kids, sidewalks, and everything were covered and glowing in the dark with pink, blue, green or orange.  There were some amazing deejays spinning hits and people were jumping up and down in rhythm.  You had to be there, as my descriptions don’t do it justice. Just take my word for it.

We went to Corsica for Ed’s birthday, which is the day after Ferragosto.  It has kind of become a tradition to celebrate his birthday in two countries, continents, or hemispheres.  The day started at our hotel room in Santa Teresa di Gallura, on the main island of Sardinia. We had breakfast, then caught the ferry to Bonifacio, Corsica, which is in France.  I had no idea what to expect, never having been there.

I had seen pictures of the cliffs and grottoes, so I booked a boat tour.  It was amazing!  They show you some great scenery and even take you into one of the grottoes.

Then I planned on going down (and back up) the steps of the king of Aragon to the ocean below the Citadel. The steps– that have been there for centuries– are uneven, and cut into the rock, and a lot of the steps are really tall, so that you have to lift yourself up with each step. That is, unless you have really long legs. It was exhausting, but fulfilling when it was completed.  Also, you had the best views you can imagine.


I didn’t expect to see all the really cool places at the top of the hill. That was an awesome surprise. 

Of course after all that work walking up and down the cliff, we were thirsty and had to have a couple of drinks.  It was amazing, all the great places to eat and drink and shop!   If anyone wants to visit us, we will have to plan another trip to Corsica as well.  The only thing is that it is a lot of uphill walking, so you must be in fairly good shape. I found out the next day that I am not in such good shape, and I was so sore I could barely walk.  We were exhausted when we got back to our hotel room. But I would for sure do it all again!!

My phone died before we got home from celebrating Ed’s birthday. So frustrating! It keeps trying to start up. It says Life’s Good.  Of course, it’s good!!  You think I don’t  know or appreciate it?!   I have some major travels and other great stuff in the works.  What I need right now is a phone that works!  Life was GREAT until my phone quit on me!  Oh well! Sometimes you just have to rant a little. I can be reached on Messenger or Facebook, if you can’t call or text me.

Until next time–when I plan to talk about the shopping experience in Sardinia as I know it…


2 thoughts on “Sardinian Life”

  1. Hi Vicky and Ed, I loved the scenary in Corsica, it really looks amazing and reminded me the steps for Cascata Marmore, you said it is steep but shorter, I guess, I would love to go, however, every time I take a boat, I get sea sick now, I might have to find my way to avoid that, lol.
    I hope we can make for next ferragosto, to celebrate Ed’s and my bday, it would be awesome.
    Can’t wait for the next posting about shopping experience you are having.

    1. Yes, it isn’t as grueling as the Cascata Marmore because it doesn’t take as long. You can also stop and let other people pass you, but they won’t because it is just as hard for them, and they also welcome an excuse to rest. You must come to visit. To get to our island it is only 20 minutes by ferry. I highly recommend Corsica also. To get from here to Corsica it is only 45 minutes on a ferry. I think there must be some good ways to get over seasickness. You have probably tried some, but there must be some others that may work for you. At least I hope so!

      As for the shopping experience, it is mostly written. I just have to get pictures and video, and make a couple of changes. It will be interesting, though, I am sorry to say I haven’t been doing any clothes shopping, just food shopping! I am waiting to get reunited with my own clothes that are being sent here.

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